We strive to keep The Well allergen-free so our guests do not have allergic reactions during their visit.

At The Well, we are all about making you well and keeping you well. We love it when our clients feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and pain-free. We strive to make our spa the most relaxing experience for our guests. We want them to want to come back and enjoy our services. We do this by using fresh linens washed in fragrance-free, natural cleansers. The treatment rooms are sterilized using non-toxic natural ingredients. Our massage oils and lotions contain only natural, safe ingredients.

We know many of you appreciate that we go to great lengths to make you feel safe and secure when you come to our spa. We wanted you to know that we do it because we care about you and your health. For those who want to know more about why we do it read on.

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? It protects you from bacteria and regulates your body from temperature. However, it can also absorb a lot of harmful things like chemicals, allergens, and toxins that can damage not just your skin but other organs as well.

Everyday household items like cleaners, perfumes, and dyes can cause allergic dermatitis (aka rashes, eczema, blisters) just from touching the residue they leave behind. Their gasses can linger in fabrics, drapes, and carpets even if you open the windows. Some people even have trouble breathing or experience anaphylaxis from exposure to some scents. Furthermore, continued exposure can lead to cancer that can spread to other organs.

If you wear perfume or smoke, those gasses linger too and can be passed on to other people like young children just by hugging them or holding their hand, even more so when you get a massage or spa treatment.

Giving and getting a massage or other spa treatment involves a lot of hand-to-skin touch. We take great lengths to ensure that we do not pass any harmful chemicals to you during the process. We ask that you do not wear perfume, scented soaps, or smoke before your treatments to make the experience a healthy and safe one for everyone who visits.