Wellness Coaching

Positive wellness is a lifestyle. It isn’t all or nothing approach. Little changes can make a big impact whether it is movement or nutrition.

My name is Karla and I am a mom, wife, triathlete and entrepreneur. My goal is to spread the joy of sustainable wellness to everyone. My philosophy is about getting off the roller coaster of constant dieting and exercise to make meaningful change.

Balance is the KEY.

I am proof to this balance. I have been walking the talk and I am healthier strong and mentally more grounded. I can show you how to do the same.

Karla Nelson

My girl gang of Bad Ass Ladies

We sweat together, laugh together, cry together and build amazing teams of Wellness Warriors

BodyMind Bridge

Imagine having direct access with the part of your deeper mind that knows what you need to release what has been hindering your healing. I am a certified BodyMind Bridge Practitioner and will guide your awareness into that focused and relaxed state of mind.  Here, while in your deeper awareness, you have access to all the wisdom and relevant information you need to heal.  

Your BodyMind Bridge session begins with a thorough “Innerview” during which you will create your intent and the optimum outcome for your session. This Innerview is about an hour long and includes whatever details of your life story you want to speak. After a short break, you will then get cozy in your own chair or bed, and I guide you into your deeper healing mind where you are in charge and get to make all your own decisions regarding the changes you want to make in your life.

Based on the intent you spoke during your Innerview, your deeper healing mind will reveal vital information specifically for you that can:

  • ease or eliminate your undiagnosed chronic pain
  • release anxiety and trauma that has been held in your body 
  • shift old behaviors (that once served you) but have now become life-diminishing

During your BodyMind Bridge session, it is not necessary to “relive” any painful moments.  Any old trauma will fade to black and white and become only a vague memory that no longer hooks you emotionally. This gives you more freedom, more vitality!

All BodyMind Bridge Sessions will include:

  • a phone consultation prior to your session
  • a 2-3 hour BodyMind Bridge session 
  • a personal follow-up with you a few days afterward  

What is BodyMind Bridge?

BodyMind Bridge is a self-healing modality that puts you safely in charge of the place in your deeper mind that has information about what is needed to heal your symptoms. Whether your symptom is emotional, such as depression, or physical – such as ongoing chronic illness or pain – the deeper part of your mind is an incredible resource for you.

Here is a map of your mind to give you an idea about the deeper mind I’m referring to:

BodyMind Bridge Chart

I will safely guide you to that place in your alpha/theta mind that has the information, and then you get to decide how to implement that information in your life, so you can heal.