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Cupping and Its Many Benefits

From Michael Phelps to Jennifer Aniston, cupping has gone from an alternative treatment to a must-have therapy for Hollywood actresses and Olympic Athletes to relieve sore muscles, back pain, and other medical issues.

Cupping has gained in popularity in recent years, but its origins can be traced to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern times. Ancient Egyptians have been using the therapy since early 1550 BC.

Cupping is performed using a combination of silicon and plastic cups that are suctioned onto the skin. The suction provides a manual “massage” therapy to the connective tissue and muscles close to the surface. It aids in releasing toxins from the body and has many benefits, including easing pain, increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, relaxing the body, and providing a deep-tissue massage to name a few.

A specially trained massage therapist will place small silicon or plastic ‘cups’ on different body parts during your treatment. Some cups will stay on an affected area, while others may be gently moved around.

Unlike the traditional method, our pneumatic cupping therapy (aka air) does not involve heating the cups and is much more comfortable than traditional methods. Those methods should only be performed by licensed and trained acupuncturists to avoid burns or infections.

It is essential to note that all cupping therapy often leaves large red or purple marks on the skin where the procedure was performed. However, they will disappear after a few days.

If you are considering cupping, it is vital to receive treatment from a massage professional who is specifically trained in proper techniques and the sterilization of the cups.

The Well Center has several staff members who are trained in these techniques and will gladly answer your questions regarding the therapy.

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